Sahaja Meditation in Utah

Within us lies the peace, the beauty, the glory of our being. There is ocean of all that. We cannot seek it outside. We have to go within, in the meditative state. – Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Founder

Want to experience that and much more….. Come Join us to Meditate . It’s easy. Spontaneous and Effortless. Anyone can do it. And classes are always free.
What is Sahaja Meditation?
How does Sahaja Meditation differ from other popular forms of meditation?

On the surface, Sahaja Meditation has a lot in common with other forms of meditation. But what’s unique to Sahaja is the ability to awaken and connect to your Inner Energy and influence the movement of this energy up through your body’s seven primary energy centers to achieve physical and emotional well-being and ultimately establish a soothing connection to your own self.

How does energy flow work? Inner Energy flows through each of your energy centers, energizing, nurturing and balancing them. Think of your Inner Energy system as a flute with seven holes — each hole representing a energy center, and your Inner Energy representing the air that is blown through the flute. If the flute’s holes are unobstructed, the flute can produce melodious, harmonious music in the hands of a skilled musician. And so it is with your energy centers. When they’re clear and free of obstructions, your Inner Energy flows through your body smoothly, achieving a harmonious balance.

Once your Inner Energy has been awakened, you’ll find that Sahaja Meditation makes it easy to fall into the state of meditation, rather than having to perform meditation, as is the case with many forms of meditation. Most forms of meditation don’t allow you to easily actualize the energy on Day 1. The reason is that Sahaja Meditation has the unique ability to achieve the powerful state of thoughtless awareness, quickly and effortlessly. What is thoughtless awareness? Think of it as purified attention, a state of maximum energy flow during which your mind is calmed and gradually emptied of all distractions and negative thoughts and feelings. Sahaja Meditation techniques allow you to extend that fraction-of-a-second gap between one thought and the next to remain in a thoughtless state for as long as you wish. Thoughtless awareness — mental silence — is a much-needed break from the thoughts that constantly bombard us all day long.

Recent studies conducted by Dr. Ramesh Manocha suggest that thoughtless awareness or mental silence has more impact, experientially and physiologically, than simple relaxation or generic meditation. Sahaja Meditation’s mental silence approach to meditation, when compared to a “non-mental silence” approach, was shown to be, on average, twice as effective in reducing work-related stress, general depressive symptoms and anxiety. Sahaja is much more than just feeling peaceful and relaxed. If you choose to explore it in depth, it can be a transformative path to achieving your highest potential, reaching a higher plane of knowledge and awareness, and living in peace and contentment.

What to expect from a Sahaja Meditation class
First, all classes are free, no strings attached. There’s nothing to buy, now or ever. It’s against Sahaja principles to charge money for helping others awaken the energy that we were all born with. Sahaja instructors feel that meditation practice should not be equated with money and commerce.

And Sahaja Meditation is a “family practice.” We welcome all ages. Walk-ins are welcome.

Overview. The primary focus of Sahaja Meditation classes, especially for beginners, is awakening and experiencing the energy with the goal of achieving thoughtless awareness or mental silence. We’ll provide a brief overview of the subtle energy system so that you can understand the sensations you feel within your body and correlate your experience to real physical and mental attributes. But experience is always valued over knowledge. In other words, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, not in learning how to make elaborate pudding recipes or discussing how wonderful the pudding tastes.

If you continue to practice Sahaja Meditation, you’ll discover and experience, step by step, your own energy centers and their associated qualities. Once you’re able to consistently feel the energy and have experienced noticeable differences in your cognitive and emotional states, you can explore more advanced techniques, such as clearing and healing the energy centers. You’ll learn how the energy centers play a vital role in our evolutionary process of becoming better human beings and experience holistic improvement on all planes — physical, cognitive and emotional. In the ultimate and most advanced phases, you may choose to use Sahaja Meditation to discover your inner self and how you can evolve to higher state. For many, Sahaja is much more than just a temporary solution or quick relief. It is a journey, rather than a destination.

Ultimately, Sahaja classes can provide a complete course on meditation and self knowledge, which you can continue to experiment with and verify at every step. Just as no two life experiences are exactly alike, no two Sahaja Meditation experiences are exactly alike. You can explore at your own pace, in your own way. There are no rules, restrictions or rituals. Sahaja is entirely Do-It-Yourself. And we are always available to help.

There’s no pressure to continue attending classes. You can come once or twice and never come back again or you can attend classes weekly. Many find that attending classes weekly is just what they need to recharge their batteries.

About our sessions. Classes are conducted in a peaceful environment; soothing background music helps facilitate meditation. Meditations are guided by instructors and are designed to accommodate the collective experience. Individual assistance (both beginner and advanced) is always available. While the actual practice of meditation forms the core of our sessions, sessions may also include discussions of, for example, specific aspects of the subtle energy system. But it’s not all “serious.” There’s also plenty of opportunity to enjoy casual conversations and share experiences with others.

The power of collective meditation. Collective meditation in an optimized environment can be exhilarating and rejuvenating. In fact, generally, the larger the group, the better the experience. Once you have awakened your Inner Energy, you may find that the benefits of meditation are compounded when you meditate in a group of people who are “on the same frequency;” i.e., connecting to the collective universal energy at the same time and place. Think of it as a network of computer servers linked to each other… each can access and share resources of the other, and as a group, they form a powerful network of resources. Collective meditation is also likely to help you progress faster in the initial weeks, as compared to meditating at home, alone

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